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Investor Relations - 3 (March 2006 to August 2006)

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August 04 2006

Practice Statement Letter

July 25 2006

Robin Spencer, Lovells - Address to Shareholders

July 25 2006

Sion Richards, Jones Day - Statement to Shareholders

July 25 2006

David Buchler - Statement to Shareholders

July 14 2006

Langbar Scheme of Arrangement

July 11 2006

Notification of an informal meeting of the Shareholders of the Company

July 06 2006

Report of Court Hearing

June 26 2006

London Solicitors, Edwin Coe, have agreed to act for investors

June 19 2006

Langbar applied for leave to convene a meeting on 25 July
2006 of certain creditors of Langbar referred to as ‘Scheme Creditors’

June 19 2006

Practice Statement Letter dated 19 June 2006

June 14 2006

Jean-Pierre Regli Sentenced to 6 Months Imprisonment for Contempt of Court

June 12 2006

Unsuccessful Application by Rybak Defendants to Delay Submission of Defence

April 27 2006

Update Re Proceedings

April 11 2006

Cancellation of AIM Listing

April 04 2006

Nominated Adviser and Financial Adviser

April 04 2006

Directorate Change

March 13 2006

Proceedings Commenced

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